Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Job Title
Required Program Coordinator

Job Description*
Should have good problem solving skills, be resourceful and take the initiative when needed.
A good understanding and knowledge of the requirements of the residency program as well as the structure and functionality of the department and the institute.
Be able to work independently and to be organized in their work to ensure that tasks are completed in a timely manner.
Excellent communication skills and be professional when dealing with all aspects of the residency program.

The job duties of the Program Coordinator includes, but is not limited, to the following:


    Supports the Program Director by scheduling meetings, providing agenda and minutes, developing reports relevant to the residency program, implementation of policies.
    Develops a time-line for the annual cycle in a residency program
    Supports the program director in preparations for the resident selection process
    Assists in the preparation and update of resident handbook
    Prepares educational material and documents for the residents
    Assists the program director in the orientation of the resident to the program
    Coordinates, prepares and distributes resident activities and schedules with the program director, faculty and chief resident
    Coordinates daily conference schedules, grand rounds etc.
    Provides support and information to residents and program faculty on a variety of issues related to the residency program
    Maintains a systemic file system with resident information and program records
    Manages a computerized data system (Resident Management System)
    Maintains a record of resident training
    Maintains a record of all vacation and sick leave used by residents
    Monitors and documents evaluation process
    Monitors compliance with the ACGME-I duty hours policy
    Assists the program director in preparation of the PIF by gathering all the data required
    Participates in accreditation site visits and internal reviews


    Demonstrates awareness of program goals and objectives
    Has a good knowledge of the accreditation process and Institutional, Foundational and Advanced Specialty/Sub-specialty requirements
    Has a good understanding of the competencies and their implementation by self and by the residents
    Has a good knowledge of the terminology used in residency program.
    Utilizes available resources and websites in an efficient way to help enhance the residency program
    Networks with other coordinators, institutes and organizations to share information and to gain knowledge that would help improve the program
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